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Chinese travellers have long regarded Hainan as their own “Hawaii” and the island just keeps getting better. Now the rest of the world is taking notice. Find out why.

From cycling the ‘Tour of Hainan’, hiking through a rainforest or eating fish after haggling like a local at a seafood market, China’s tropical island resort of Hainan offers a host of attractions for those looking for something a little different.

China’s tropical island resort of Hainan is the perfect place for families – offering a wide array of attractions and luxury resorts that will please both parents and children.

While most travellers flock to Hainan to enjoy its sandy beaches and stunning mountain and rainforest scenery, some decide to explore the sites of its lesser-known historical architecture – including qilou, or shophouses – and discover the fascinating stories behind them.

Tropical resort destination in South China Sea, which offers more than 60 world-class beaches, is popular with families, surfers and snorkellers.

China’s resort island province of Hainan may not be the most obvious choice for surfing enthusiasts, but professional surfers clearly knew that the wave was coming. Among them was Monica Guo, one of China’s first – and now most popular – international surfers.

City’s restored Qilou Old Street area, full of shophouses with East-meets-West architecture, is home to cafes, restaurants and shops popular with locals and visitors