China’s high speed rail network has made many destinations accessible in a few hours from Hong Kong. Click a point below to see journey times from there to other cities.
Shenzhen 36m 4hr 53m 11hr 00m 11hr 26m 11hr 56m --- 10h 44m 14h 02m --- --- 9h 36m 23h 48m _ Hong Kong Guangzhou 36m --- 10hr 5m 4hr 18m 9hr 11m 36m 11hr 23m --- 7h 26m 7h 50m --- 13h 38m 8h 44m 22h 56m Wuhan 4hr 52m 4hr 33m --- 5hr 15m 5hr 12m 4h 20m 4hr 52m 7h 12m 5h 55m 5h 02m 3h 16m 10h 16m 9h 25m 4h 35m 18h 47m Chongqing 12hr 36m 11hr 45m 6hr 56m 11hr 59m 12hr 47m 12hr 36m --- --- 11h 59m 10h 17m --- 1h 51m --- --- Chengdu -- 14hr 8m 9hr 19m 14hr 23m 15hr 5m --- 1hr 39m --- 14h 22m 12h 43m --- --- --- --- Tianjin --- 6hr 30m 37m 5hr 25m --- --- --- 5h 21m 3h 38m 3h 50m --- 6h 21m 20h 33m Shenyang --- 10hr 45m 4hr 27m 10hr 1m --- --- 4h 13m --- --- --- --- 10h 36m 24h 48m Xian 9hr 36m 8hr 44m 4hr 35m 6hr 21m 7hr 21m 9hr 36m --- 6h 21m 7h 19m 5h 44m 10h 36m --- --- 11h 20m Urumqi 23hr 48m 22hr 56m 18hr 47m 20hr 33m 21hr 33m 23hr 48m --- 20h 30m 21h 31m 19h 56m 24h 48m --- 11h 20m --- Beijing 10hr 26m 8hr 56m 5hr 30m --- 5hr 37m 10hr 36m 12hr 14m 9h 42m 35m 5h 58m 4h 12m 4h 40m 14h 6m 5h 29m 19h 41m Nanjing 14hr 19m 8hr 5m 3hr 23m 4hr 31m 1hr 40m 14hr 19m 10hr 26m 3h 54m 1h 41m --- --- 12h 25m 5h 44m 19h 56m Shanghai 11hr 32m 8hr 17m 9hr 21m 5hr 26m 6hr 1m --- 11hr 32m 12hr 42m 5h 29m 1h 02m 2h 12m --- 14h 59m 7h 21m 21h 33m Hangzhou 10hr 20m 7hr 25m 8hr 18m 4hr 57m 5hr 59m 1hr 1m 10hr 20m 12hr 35m 5h 21m --- 1h 49m --- 14h 28m 7h 19m 21h 31m Changsha 3hr 12m Guilin 3hr 19m Guiyang 3hr 12m Kunming 7hr 38m Zhengzhou 6hr 20m Shijiazhuang 7hr 45m Shantou 2hr 41m Xiamen 4hr 5m Fuzhou 5hr 40m Planned route High speed railways