Foul play

World Cup stars and the dark arts of the not-so-beautiful game

June 27, 2018

Young athletes, at the top of the game, playing in elite leagues, on contracts worth millions and millions of dollars are idols to children across the planet. As such, they have a moral responsibility to set fans an example of sporting play and good behaviour. Sadly, on the field – and sometimes off it – they are not always the epitome of good manners. We refer, of course, to modern-day footballers and how they’re in the cross-hairs more than ever during the 2018 World Cup


Unfortunately, gamesmanship is still a big part of sport. Many protagonists aim to confuse or deceive the referee with puckish misdirection and deception


Consisting of both physical and verbal violence; homophobic and racial abuse are a grave and increasing concern in the game. Traditional football-related violence, however, is still prevalent

Bad manners

A look at some examples of poor on-field behaviour, which you hopefully wouldn’t engage in in public, much less your own living room

Minor errancy

Perhaps not considered bad behaviour on the scale of the evidence presented, yet still offering the opportunity to cause some offence

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