World cup coaches

Fifa World Cup 2018:
If football coaches were Russian dolls, who would be the biggest?

June 14, 2018

Russian stacking dolls are known in their homeland as matryoshka, which means “little matrons”. Here, the coaches of each of the national sides in soccer’s World Cup are transformed into little matrons to show their record as managers

The matryoshkas explained

The waistline of each matryoshka is set according to the percentage of wins a coach has enjoyed since taking charge of his team


What the decorations mean
This data is from the evening before the start of the World Cup. The decorations represent various types of footballing experience of each coach. Toggle the section to find out everything you need to know about each national coach


Coaches as players
Positions the coaches occupied as professional players

Players used
Diagonal lines represent the number of players a coach has fielded during his tenure

Open dolls
Each stack depicts the national teams a coach has managed

Click the doll coach to get details, or look for a team in the menu above

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