Brexit: how Britain voted

BY Joe Lo and Marco Hernandez
March 28, 2019

After 43 years in the European Union, the United Kingdom voted to leave on June 23, 2016. A hotly contested referendum uncovered a sharp regional divide across the nation. The vote was characterised by a high turnout and nail-biting margins of victory

The Final Verdict

Where it counted

The schematic map shows the electoral regions of the UK. Its shape is determined by the total size of each region’s electorate

Who voted

The strongest determining factors driving voting results were age and turnout. Regions with more than 18% of voters over 65 all voted to leave, and at higher turnout rates than their Remain counterparts

All the regions voting to stay have a younger population

Most of the Leave regions had a higher turnout than the national average

Tight decision

Scotland and London were the firmest adherents to remaining in the EU, but they were outnumbered by other regions in England

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