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According to the 2010 United States census, about 17 million people of Asian descent live in the US

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Where are they?

This map shows the percentage of people of Asian descent in each state. Select from the menu below for details

Los Angeles, CA
483,585 Asians in Los Angeles. That’s 12.7% of California's population

Honolulu, HI
230,071 Asians in Honolulu. That’s 68.2% of Hawaii's population

New York
1,134,919 Asians in New York city. That’s 13.8% of New York's population

Houston, TX
139,960 Asians in Houston. That’s 6.6% of Texas’ population

No one
The gaps in the map are where the Asian population is under 1% or 0%


*A county is a subdivision of a state

Top 10 cities

Drag the images below to explore the cities with the largest Asian communities


Honolulu City, HI
230,008 Asians, or 68.2% of the city’s population


Daly City, CA
59,056 Asians, or 58.4% of the city’s population


Fremont, CA
116,679 Asians, or 54.5% of the city’s population


Sunnyvale, CA
61,215 Asians, or 43.7% of the city’s population


Irvine, CA
91,958 Asians, or 43.3% of the city’s population


Santa Clara, CA
47,518 Asians, or 40.8% of the city’s population


Garden Grove, CA
65,961 Asians, or 38.6% of the city’s population


Torrance, CA
55,557 Asians, or 38.2% of the city’s population


San Francisco, CA
288,274 Asians, or 35.8% of the city’s population


San Jose, CA
326,350 Asians, or 34.5% of the city’s population

Asians show preference for Democratic Party

Political preferences among Asian American voters across the US



What they care about most

Asian Americans typically focus on education, health care and being safe from terrorism, with immigration reform and racial profiling typically of less concern

Citizen Shifts

This flow chart reflects changes to how Asian Americans have voted in the most recent US elections by age group. Click on one of the tabs below to learn more