Highs and lows

How Hong Kong's weather is getting hotter and more extreme

May 23, 2018


Over the last four decades, the weather in Hong Kong has not only become warmer overall, but we now experience more hot and cold extremes every year. This has a direct impact on the city’s power consumption.

A growing trend
Since 2006, the number of days exceeding 33ºC has increased substantially

The 3:1 ratio of very cold to very hot days has reversed over the last 50 years so we now have three times the number of hot days each year

Compare the very hot
and cold days per year

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How energy consumption
corresponds to the weather

Extremes in weather and energy consumption seem to be closely related. Here is an overview of the past 47 years

Growing appetite
The hottest month in 2017 consumed 10 times more energy than the one in 1970

Weather records have been sent tumbling in recent years. Twelve new records were set in 2016, followed by eight more in 2017

Record breakers 1970-2017

Months with the most very hot days
Total numbers of days hotter than 33ºC

Months with the most very cold days
Total numbers of days below 12ºC

How energy is consumed

Breakdown by sector, 2012

Monthly bill

Air conditioners account for 34 per cent of Hong Kong’s annual energy consumption, with residential and commercial buildings contributing 60 per cent of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions

Illustration: Marcelo Duhalde


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