John Tsang
The former financial secretary and people’s favourite in the race for chief executive.
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Regina Ip
A familiar face in Hong Kong politics, and lagging in the race for chief executive.
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Carrie Lam
The former chief secretary and one seen as Beijing's preferred choice.
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Woo Kwok-hing
Formerly a judge who has public respect but little administrative or political experience.
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Who will be Hong Kong’s next chief executive?

Hong Kong will elect its new leader on March 26. The chief executive election, however, is not a “one person, one vote” poll. An Election Committee comprising 1,200 members from various sectors and dominated by pro-establishment players will select the leader.

The contest is now a four-horse race featuring three former top government officials and a retired judge. They need to secure 150 nominations from the committee before March 1 to qualify for the election.

This multi-media site explains how the election system works, tracks the number of nominations the four hopefuls are receiving, traces their popularity, and lays out their positions on key issues, including political reform and Hong Kong independence.

Scroll through this site to see the interactive presentations on all the candidates, or click one of their boxes on the sides of the screen to filter out all others.

High frequency words from the candidates

We collected relevant public addresses from the figures who have committed or are likely to run in the Chief Executive election next year.

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Source: Legislative Council hansard

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Chief executive candidates on ten issues facing the city


Poverty and retirement protection


Social division

Occupy Central

Political reform

Finance and business

Basic Law article 23

Relationship with pro-establishment camp and Beijing

Relationship with pan-democratic camp