Aibo ERS-110

The artificial intelligence bot (AIBO), pronounced eye-bow, is the dady of all robot pets. The robot had sensors and programs enabling it to react to external stimuli


Sony’s first portable CD player was known as the ‘Discman’, renamed the ‘CD Walkman’ in 2000. A redesigned ‘Walkman’ logo was introduced at the same time so that all Sony’s portable players could benefit from being associated with the iconic cassette player of the same name

DVD-L10 Portable

The digital video disc, or DVD, was developed by a group of companies in 1995. The first generation of players was designed for home entertainment systems. In 1998 Panasonic launched the first portable DVD player: the DVD-L10

The Gameboy Color

Launched in the late 90’s, The GBC was powered with AA batteries and could play for up to 30 hours. Compare that to the iPhone 7 with its maximum eight hours. An interesting fact is that the Pokémon creatures were inspired by Game Boy

Nintendo 64

Named after its 64-bit processor, the N64 was described by Time Magazine as the machine of the year in 1996. The console included a copy of Pilotwings 64 and Super Mario 64, which holds the record for the best selling game of all time with 11.6 million of copies

Nokia 5110

The classic phone introduced the Xpress-on covers concept. Users could now customise the colour of their phones, a huge leap from traditional grey or black. It was also one of the first mobile phones to feature the game Snake


Sony sold 102 million PlayStations in the first 10 years of production. The dual shock controller launched in 1997 introduced vibration-feedback based on action taking place on the screen. This now commonplace feature had never been experienced before

Siemens S10

Introduced in 1997 the S10 was the first phone with a screen capable of showing red, green, blue and white. Before the Siemens S10 phones only showed black text


Created in Japan, and named as a combination of the Japanese word ‘tamago’ (egg) and the English word ‘watch’. By 2010 this handheld digital pet had sold over 76 million worldwide. The game begins with an egg that grows into a pet which will die if it does not receive adequate care and attention

The CD

Conceived in the late 80’s in an alliance between Phillips and Sony, the CD was a medium to store and play audio. The CD completely dominated the home music market in the 90’s. When the CD-ROM format was introduced the CD diversified into a data storage system with many purposes