America and China’s
‘birdcage’ politics

The hawks, doves, owls … and mandarin ducks among Washington and Beijing’s advisers

America and China’s rocky relationship has come to the fore as Donald Trump prepares to take office as the 45th president of the United States on January 20. Among Trump’s advisers are many who favour a tough stance on Beijing, some who boast a history of strong ties with China, and others who appear to be moderates.

Who are the hawks, doves and owls towards China in Trump’s team? What have they said in the past that offer us clues to their views, and who are they up against in Beijing? Click on and we’ll tell you…

Hawks advocate aggressive foreign policy and confrontation.

Doves favour negotiation and striving to resolve conflicts amicably.

Owls take a moderate stance in between the two.

Mandarin ducks refer to the Chinese officials and institutes, who generally take a united stance on the US.