SCMP Series: In Between Worlds
  • Brice Li – a frequent nature explorer – is keen to help protect its 7,800 hectares of green spaces, which include nature reserves, gardens and parks

  • Singapore Green Plan 2030 aims to tackle climate change through measures including planting an extra one million trees and reducing landfill waste

  • Beekeeper Clarence Chua’s The Sundowner, above traditional shophouse, showcases bee encounter, organic gardening and farm-to-table tastings

  • Most people’s encounters with bees involve them getting stung, but Chua says they pose no harm if people are not seen as a threat

  • Wong Guo Hui and his wife Geraldine Guo’s home-based sustainable business offers bite-sized snacks handcrafted from all-natural, locally sourced ingredients

  • Their weekend delivery service, which uses banana leaves instead of plastic packaging, aims to make the traditional food relevant to today’s lifestyle