The stories behind the
Journey behind the scenes with the Morning Studio team to find out how and why we tell stories the way we do
Episode 1
What makes a good story
How do we create stories that have an impact, and why is that so important? Hear what we have to say.
Episode 2
The power of storytelling
What makes a story powerful and engaging? We explain how strong content inspires us.
Episode 3
Brand Storytelling
What is branded content, and how do we harness its power with audiences? Our experts have the answers.
Episode 4
What inspires us
What fuels us to constantly create new, relevant and effective stories for our brand partners? We share our thoughts.

More on storytelling

We put plenty of thought into crafting and delivering great stories

The golden age
of storytelling is now ... if we take the time to do it well
A successful
brand story is one that forms a bond with the audience
Good storytelling
is a journey people can visualise and get inspired by
Good storytelling
is like hosting an event – it succeeds because of thorough planning

Go behind the scenes of our previous projects to see how we work to help brands tell their stories


When shooting a series of interviews for HKSTP, which aims to nurture talent and innovations in science and technology, associate video producer Trishna Mahtani approached them with a desire to learn. "The interviews flowed really well because I was genuinely curious about each innovator I met."


Morning Studio created EdTalk as a platform for educators around the world to share their ideas and initiatives for shaping the minds of future generations. When it comes to learning and who we can learn from, "the sky's the limit!" says Fairoza Mansor, editor and host of EdTalk.

Brand Hong Kong

The way we produce branded content is constantly evolving. For Brand Hong Kong, we filmed and delivered five documentary-length videos while also planning a live-stream event – all in the span of a few weeks. "I had to pull every tool out of my toolbox," says Sarah Bang, senior manager for Morning Studio.

Holiday at Home

The "Holiday at Home" campaign we created for Tourism Hong Kong allowed us to help everyone rediscover what makes our home city special. We got to learn about and share treasured aspects of Hong Kong, through different perspectives that made for more compelling stories.

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