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Coronavirus: community outbreak in Hong Kong

Hong Kong saw a spike in new Covid-19 cases last month, with most of them coming from outside the special administrative region


Confirmed cases in Hong Kong

Cases by day

Hong Kong’s first cases of coronavirus were both confirmed on January 23, 2020. The first victim had travelled to the city from Wuhan by high-speed rail while the second arrived from Wuhan by air. The first death shook the city on February 4, as the virus began to spread more rapidly.

By age and gender

So far it appears that the elderly and those with underlying health issues are at the greatest risk but it should be noted that it is down to individual differences in the body’s response to the infection as to who will succumb to the virus and who will shrug it off.

How the cases spread

Daily new Covid-19 cases dropped into single digits in Hong Kong on April 12. While most infections came from outside, the city can only be considered out of the woods after there are no local infections for 28 days, experts say

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