How Hong Kong’s
anti-extradition protesters besieged city’s legislature


Protesters gathered en masse in front of the Legislative Council, forcing the government to delay a debate on the contentious extradition bill

On June 12, 2019 tens of thousands of masked protesters equipped with umbrellas and goggles brought the roads leading to Hong Kong's legislature to a standstill, forcing the government to delay a debate on its highly contentious extradition bill that could allow the transfer of fugitives to jurisdictions the city does not currently have a deal with, including mainland China.

On June 12, 2019 tens of thousands of masked protesters armed with umbrellas and goggles brought all the roads leading to Hong Kong’s legislature to a standstill, forcing the government to delay the debate on the highly contentious extradition bill.

9.49 am Hundreds of protesters file through an underpass in Admiralty
10.01 am Police hold up orange banners with the words “disperse or we fire” on Tim Mei Avenue, briefly heightening tensions with the protesters
10.25 am Huge crowds gather on Harcourt Road near the government headquarters
11.13 am A sea of protesters forms on Harcourt Road in Admiralty
11.24 am Riot police stand by in the Legislative Council after calls are heard from protesters to storm the east entrance
11.38 am Protesters gather along Tim Mei Road
11.45 am Protesters prise bricks from the ground in a scene reminiscent of the Mong Kok riot in 2016
11.54 am Scene from the ground as the Legislative Council meeting remains delayed
1.07 pm A banner hangs from the Admiralty Centre footbridge. On one side, it reads: “Majority calls for Carrie Lam to step down” and on the other: “Withdraw the extradition bill, defend ‘one country two systems’", referring to the policy under which Beijing governs Hong Kong, granting it a high degree of autonomy
3.37 pm After being sprayed with a pepper-based solution, protesters retreat, still covered by umbrellas, only to make another push forward. Police wield batons and umbrellas are thrown
4.28pm Police fire tear gas, sending crowds running for cover
4.48 pm About eight rounds of tear gas are fired on Lung Wui Road. A little earlier, police fired a round onto a bridge on the same street
4.51 pm Police carry a banner warning of tear gas
5.24 pm Lawmaker Charles Mok shouts at police in the Legislative Council Complex
8.34 pm Protesters in a stand-off with police outside the Bank of America Tower
8:43 pm Police on Queensway outside Pacific Place shopping mall reinforce their line of defence with more officers. They shout at pedestrians trying to make their way through to go back
8:50 pm Police have held their position outside the People’s Liberation Army building for more than two hours since firing tear gas at 6.30pm. Protesters take bricks, spades, bamboo sticks and metal bars from a construction site at Hutchison House to build a barricade
10:48 pm Crowds gather at the junction outside the AIA tower in Central
12.48 am The aftermath in Admiralty. Debris after a day of mayhem

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