Best dog breeds for Hong Kong flats

By Yan Jing Tian and Marcelo Duhalde
NOVEMBER 2, 2019

From cup-sized chihuahuas to big, furry chow chows, Hong Kong’s small living spaces do not deter the city’s pet lovers. But how do we determine whether a particular breed is suitable for our household?

The following eight factors are used to compare each dog breed in terms of its suitability for life in a Hong Kong flat.

The breeds are ranked from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent) with the average score determining a dog’s rank.

It is commonly thought that a dog year is equivalent to seven human years, but dogs actually mature within their first couple of years and then age according to breed, weight and size.

One year in a dog’s adult life is equivalent to …

Pick two breeds to compare

Whether it is a basket in the kitchen, laundry area or a hallway, dogs need sufficient space of their own. Large dogs can adapt to small homes but they need to be well cared for and given daily exercise.

How big is your dog, relative to your flat?

How big is your dog, relative to your flat?
Drag the dog into the flat to compare the minimum space different breeds require.

165 sq ft
529 sq ft
772 sq ft
4kg (8lbs)
Miniature schnauzer
5kg (11lbs)
12kg (26lbs)
Pembroke Welsh corgi
11kg (24lbs)
Shiba inu
26kg (57lbs)
Golden retriever
165 sq ft
529 sq ft
772 sq ft

Percentage of dog owners in Hong Kong
The diagram below shows that 147,500 households in Hong Kong (5.7%) have pet dogs.

How many dogs per household?
Over three-quarters of dog owners keep a single dog but a surprising 10.6% had three or more dogs.

A positive rise in dog adoption
In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people who chose to adopt dogs from welfare organisations. Out of 221,100 dogs currently in Hong Kong, 36,400 dogs were adopted from welfare organisations.

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