Report 2021

Following a period of rapid growth and innovation, the China internet sector has entered a new phase of development with both push and pull factors driving internet companies to evolve, including tightening regulations, an increasingly saturated domestic market with changing demographics, and geopolitical tensions.

The 4th edition of the China Internet Report looks at how these factors are influencing companies to look outside their established markets, pivot business models, focus on new customer segments, and adapt to shifting dynamics to remain competitive.

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Special thanks to our contributors (in alphabetical order):

Jennifer Zhu Scott
Executive Chairman of The Commons Project
Rui Ma
Tech Analyst, US / China
Shirley Ze Yu
Senior Visiting Fellow with the LSE, Asia Fellow with Harvard Kennedy School
The China Internet Report 2021 is independently produced by the South China Morning Post. Special thanks to Race Capital for supporting our research this year.
Race Capital is an early stage venture capital fund focusing on investing in exceptional founders who are building market-transforming companies in the data, enterprise, infrastructure, and fintech sectors. Our previous investments include FTX, Goodnotes, Opaque Systems, Social Chat, Polysign, Slack (NYSE: WORK), (NASDAQ: API), Solana, and many other great companies.