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Six ways Hong Kong needs to get smart


Hong Kong was recently ranked 68th in a global smart city index. That ranking followed the government’s earlier commission of the Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint Consultancy Study. The recommendations were based on the Boyd Cohen model, a basic analytic framework commonly used by researchers and experts, which organised smart cities into six themes to build a strong economy, enhanced by the quality of urban living through innovative technology. Here is how it works:

1. Smart Economy
1. Smart Economy
Plans to make today’s financial technology services dramatically more efficient

A smart economy aims to improve the overall business climate by making the city more attractive to start-ups and investors, while growing the economy in a sustainable manner

2. Smart Government
To better plan building construction

Smart government changes how the government manages the city and serves its stakeholders through the deployment of supporting infrastructure

3. Smart People
Enhance Hong Kong’s capabilities in data science

The government’s Smart People initiative aims to transform the way public and private sector services are accessed by individuals, businesses, parents, investors, employees and employers. It also facilitates retooling of talents and lifelong learning

4. Smart Living
4. Smart Living
Offer multiple digital payment options using innovative means

The proposed projects under Smart Living focus on improving an individual’s ability to interact with electronic services, designed to enhance general wellbeing and health through technology

5. Smart Environment
5. Smart Environment
Technology in construction and maintenance to efficiently manage resources and energy use in buildings

The creation of a Smart Environment will help reduce waste production, monitor and manage pollution, and improve the emission rates in urban areas

6. Smart Mobility
6. Smart Mobility
Develop an ITS road map, collect traffic data from strategic roads and provide accurate traffic news

Smart Mobility aims to achieve cheaper, faster and environmentally friendly travel in the city. Existing modes of public and private transport would be integrated with advances in transportation

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